Which One Is Bigger? 63 Cm Or 6 M?

which one is bigger? 63 cm or 6 m?

6 m is bigger than 63 cm

Further explanation

The length indicates the distance between two points in a place  

The symbol is usually expressed in l, length  

Length measurement can be used by several measuring instruments such as a ruler, caliper length, meter, screw micrometer  

Length units can be expressed in various units such as km, m, cm, or inches, miles, yards, feet  

The main length unit consists of 7 units :

  • Kilometers, km  
  • Hectometer, hm  
  • Dekameter, dam  
  • Meters, m  
  • Decimeter, dm  
  • Centimeters, cm  
  • Millimeters, mm  

Units down then multiplied by 10
, units go up divided by 10

To compare two different units, we must convert them to the same unit first

Unit cm to m goes up two levels so that it is divided by 100

Unit m to cm moves down by two levels then multiplied by 100

  • To m

[tex]\tt 63~cm\rightarrow 0.63~m\\\\6~m\Rightarrow 6~m\\\\So~6~m~is~bigger~than~63~cm[/tex]

  • To cm

[tex]\tt 63~cm\Rightarrow 63~cm\\\\6~m\Rightarrow600~cm\\\\So~6~m~is~bigger~than~63~cm[/tex]

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