RESEARCH Make A Research Of The Following Saints And How They Placed Their C…

Make a research of the Following saints and how they placed their charisms at the service of the Church. You add your Favorite saints.

January- St. JohnBosco
February- Blessed Marie Rivier
March- St. Joseph
April- St. Catherine of Siena
May- St. Joan of Arc
June- St. Francis Regis
July- St. Ignatius of Loyola
August- St. Rose of Lima
September- St. Lorenzo Ruiz
October- St. Therese of the Child Jesus
November-St. Martin de Porres
December- St. Juan Diego​



John Melchior Bosco, popularly known as Don Bosco, was an Italian Roman Catholic priest, educator, and writer of the 19th century.


Anne-Marie Rivier was a French Roman Catholic professed religious and the foundress of the Soeurs de la Présentation de Marie. Rivier’s focus was on education and she opened a school just before the beginning of the French Revolution which saw her school confiscated.


Joseph is a figure in the canonical gospels who was married to Mary, Jesus’ mother, and was Jesus’ legal father.


Catherine of Siena, a lay member of the Dominican Order, was a mystic, activist, and author who had a great influence on Italian literature and the Catholic Church. Canonized in 1461, she is also a Doctor of the Church.


Joan of Arc, nicknamed “The Maid of Orléans”, is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years’ War, and was canonized as a Catholic saint. She was born to Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romée, a peasant family, at Domrémy in the Vosges of northeast France.


Jean-François Régis, commonly known as Saint John Francis Regis and St. Regis, was a French priest of the Society of Jesus, recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church in 1737.


Ignatius of Loyola, venerated as Saint Ignatius of Loyola, was a Spanish Basque Catholic priest and theologian, who co-founded the religious order called the Society of Jesus and became its first Superior General at Paris in 1541.

See also  Differentiate St. Joseph And St. Pedro Calungsod.​


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