Give Atleast 3 Examples Of: A. Hands Spa Equipments And Write…

Give atleast 3 examples of:

a. Hands spa equipments
and write each functions in a
Hands Spa Treatment​


1. Hands spa machine

Hand spa helps remove dead cells and callous. Callous appear on hands because of the constant friction of the skin to the materials they use.

2. Mixing Bowl

Mixing BowlIs a small open-top, rounded cup like container used for mixing the aromatic oils and other fluids for the hand or foot spa.

3. Pumice Stone

StoneA type of volcanic rock, which is actually frothy lava soldified to form a porous rock to remove dry and annoying skin as well as callouses.



-Pumice stone

– Mixing bowl


Alcohol helps to sanitize and to prevent sickness in doing hands spa.

Pumice stone used to removed dry and dead skin. It also soften your calluses and corns to remove pain from friction.

Mixing bowl is use for mixing aromatic oil and ather fluids for the hand and foot spa

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