1.Which Of The Following Refers To The Musical Line Or Musical Idea Th…

1.Which of the following refers to the musical line or musical idea that expresses a musical thought. Musical ideas may be in repetition, contrast, or variation? *

A. musical composer

B. musical phrase

C. form

D. motif

2. A piece of music that is divided into two main sections is called _______. *

A. Binary

B. Ternary

C. Rondo

D. Timbre

3. What is the other term for binary? *

A. ABA form

B. AB form

C. ABB form

D. ABC form

4. A piece of music with three sections is called _________. *

A. Binary

B. Ternary

C. Rondo

D. Timbre

5. Whiсh of the following song is an example of binary form?

A. Lupang Hinirang

B. Leron Leron Sinta

C. Paruparong Bukid

D. Pamulinawen

6. The symbol Dal Segno whiсh means to repeat from the start. What does CODA symbol mean? *

A. to go baсk

B. to сontinue singing

C. to end

D. to jump or proсeed

7. This refers to the technique makes use of a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to acquire a desired image. *

A. mesh screen

B. silk-screen

C. printmaking

D. painting

8. Which of the following is the process of creating art by transferring an image or design from source into another material? *

A. Painting

B. Photography

C. Printmaking

D. Sketching

9.This is a material needed to move the ink to create a thin fine layer of ink over the stencil. *

A. mesh screen

B. squeegee

C. fabric paint

D. stencil

10. It is formed by blocking off the screen using printed negative image of the design

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A. mesh screen

B. squeegee

C. fabric paint

D. stencil

11. Itik-Itik is a Philippine folk dance which is said to have been originated from the province of Surigao in Mindanao. *



12. It is a mimetic dance because its steps mimic or imitate the movements of a duck. A duck, in Tagalog, is Itik, which is where the names of the dance was taken. *



13. According to folklore, Itik-Itik was created long ago by a young woman named Kanang, who was the best dancer in Surigao. *



14. During a baptismal reception, Kanang was asked to dance, and she improvised her dance steps to mimic the way a duck walks, wades in water, and splashes water on its back to attract a mate. *



15. Girls wear Patadyong at Balintawak style costumes and boys wear barong or camisa de chino and white trousers. *



16. Which of the following is NOT an environmental problem? *

A. overpopulation

B. fish kill

C. improper waste disposal

D. financial problem

17. Common cold is one example of what type of disease? *

A. Respiratory Disease

B. Gastrointestinal Disease

C. Skin Disease

D. Neurological Impairment

Answers :

  1. B. musical phrase
  2. C. Rondo
  3. A. ABA form
  4. B. Ternary
  5. D. Pamulinawen
  6. B. to сontinue singing
  7. B. silk-screen
  8. B. Photography
  9. C. fabric paint
  10. A. mesh screen
  11. True
  12. False
  13. True
  14. True
  15. False
  16. D. financial problem
  17. C. Skin Disease

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