WUR IN ENGLISH 6 3rd QUARTER 1. Identify The Purpose Of The Author In Wri…

1. Identify the purpose of the author in writing the
Following. Write Tl if is purpose is to inform, TP If to
persuade or TE if to entertain.
1. a political speech recommending that you
upport a tax increase
2. a poster in the hall that encourages pupil to
upport the solid waste segregation
3. a passage ihat provide historical background of
Barasaoin Church
4. an article emphasizing a particular point of view
5. a hilarious essay
6. a news about COVID-19 vaccine
7. an article about the recent trends in K-pop
8. a poem about a mother’s joy about the
raduation of her daughter
9. a letter explaining the differences between tw
pes of life insurance
10. a pamphlet in a doctor’s office that explains
ng cancer
Read the selection below. Then answer what is aske
rs 11-20












Essay: Purposes, Types and Examples | Examples

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Essay: Purposes, Types and Examples | Examples

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