U ISTUI 11. The Is A Part Of An Analytical Essay Which Is Close…

11. The
is a part of an analytical essay which is closely related to your main
argument or idea in the introduction.
12. An
essay explains a short theme, idea, or an issue.
13. In writing a persuasive essay, it is important to be clear and concise with your
14. As you write an argumentative essay, make sure to talk about the other side of your argument- the
15. Use
tense when writing an analytical essay.
16. A critique is not an exercise in finding
with the text.
17. In writing a critique, it is important that you read and
the material you are going to
18. The introduction is where you state the
or the overall evaluation of the work.
19. This critical evaluation should include an organized, detailed
of the work using your
chosen lens.
20. The conclusion restates your
about the text​


\bold \green{EVIDENCES} \largeEVIDENCES

Directions: Write YES if the statement is supported by evidence and NO if not.

1. All students seek assistance with their homework and activities from their


\sf \bold \red{yes}yes

2. English is the hardest subject in school.

\sf \bold \red{no}no

3. The learning and teaching report showed that incorrect punctuation caused the most problems for students in conveying meaning in their essay writing. (Department of Student Services, 2013, p. 23).

\sf \bold \red{yes}yes

4. Lazy students will not be successful.

\sf \bold \red{no}no

5. Ann Gill (2001) has argued, “Education reform is the best solution for fixing our public schools” (p. 22).

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\sf \bold \red{yes}yes



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