The Area Of Agarden Is 180m2 Suppose The Lingth Of The Garden I…

the area of agarden is 180m2 suppose the lingth of the garden is 8m more its width​


Let’s assume the width of the garden is represented by “x” meters. Since the length of the garden is 8 meters more than its width, we can represent the length as “x + 8” meters.

To find the area of the garden, we multiply the length by the width. Therefore, we have:

Area = Length × Width

180 = (x + 8) × x

Now, we can solve this quadratic equation to find the value of “x” (width) and subsequently determine the length (x + 8):

x^2 + 8x – 180 = 0

Using factorization or the quadratic formula, we get:

(x + 18)(x – 10) = 0

This gives us two possible solutions for “x”, which are x = -18 and x = 10. Since the dimensions cannot be negative, we discard x = -18.

So, the width of the garden is 10 meters.

The length of the garden, which is 8 meters more than the width, would be:

Length = Width + 8 = 10 + 8 = 18 meters.

Therefore, the width of the garden is 10 meters, and the length is 18 meters.

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