Racel Needs 1/4 Meter Long Of Red Lace And 1 1/2 Meter Of Pink Lace For Her Project.h…

racel needs 1/4 meter long of red lace and 1 1/2 meter of pink lace for her project.how many meters of lace does she needs in all​



1/4×1 1/4=n

1/4×1 1/2= the mixed number is need to bee improper fraction ex.

1 the whole number is multiply by denominator so 1×2=2 then add the numerator 2+1=3 then copy the denominator so the improper is 3/2 so know we can multiply

1/4×1 1/2= 1/4×3/2=multiply the numerator by numerator and denominator by denominator so numerator ×numerator 1×3=3 then multiply the denominatorby denominator so 4×2=8 so the answer is 3/8

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