IDENTIFICATION A. Cause And Effect Diagram H. Analytical B. Setting C. S…


A. Cause and effect diagram
H. Analytical
B. Setting
C. Skimming
J. Coherence
D. Critical
E. Falling Action
K. Rising Action
L. Scanning
F. Comparing
G. Extensive reading
M. Comprehensive
N. Descriptive writing

1. Deniella moves her eyes to quickly across sentences to get just a simple piece of information. She is doing what type of reading?

2. In doing a presentation about the spread of Corona Virus, what graphic organizer is appropriate to use?

3. What type of listening is usually employed during a symposium?

4. It is the background of events in which characters’ actions take place.

5. A type of reading wherein students read a text of their choice.

6. Icarus fell to his death as he disobeyed his father’s advice. This part fall under what stage of a plot?

7. Dannie explored the white beaches of Siargao, she experienced the smooth sailing raft at ever-calmed seas and roam the charming seashores barefooted. She then wrote an amazing article with it. What type of writing did she utilized?

8. Before buying the product, Fiore usually listens to what the saleslady is telling her about the product. Fiore is a listener.

9. Dannie writes sentences supporting the same main idea of a certain topic. Dannie observes writing a well-written text. the

10. Anna just grin upon listening to her aunts enumerating her twin sister Annie and her good traits and hobbies which are the same. Her aunts are them.​


9. comparing

10.Rising Action

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