I. Identin Answer In The Box. Write Your Answer On The Blank Before The Number. ____…

I. Identin answer in the box. Write your answer on the blank before the number.

rolled packaging

taped packaging



for advertising

semi-open box

for convenience

see-through packaging

ribbon packaging

for protection
___________________ yan Yung nasa box

_____1.This type of packaging allows you to stack your products easily, while allowing others to see what the product inside looks like.

_____2. It is a strategy that will help to identify the ways and create more sales.

_____3. This type of packaging uses recycled paper with printed information.

_____4. This type of packaging is usually used for wholesale marketing where bulks of products are bought.

_____5. It is a purpose of packaging that the products are packaged to send message.

_____6.It is a purpose of packaging that protects your product from being exposed to heat, moisture, dust, and other things that can cause damage.

_____7. It is a purpose of packaging that tell how to use the product, where it was made, who made it, and other information.

_____8. This packaging allows people to see the whole product without taking it out of its packaging.

____9. It is a purpose of packaging that are designed to make handling the products more convenient.

_____10. This is a simple type of packaging because of its minimal cover.​


  1. rolled packaging
  2. semi-open box
  3. for advertising
  4. ribbon packaging
  5. packaging
  6. for protection
  7. labels
  8. see-through packaging
  9. for convenience
  10. taped packaging


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