For Gr. 5 Give 2 Examples Each: Erosion By Water Erosion By Wind Erosi…

for gr. 5

Give 2 examples each:

erosion by water

erosion by wind

erosion by animals

erosion by humans

Erosion of water:

Canyons. A good example is the Grand Canyon, which was formed by the Colorado River.

Caves. Flowing water curves out caves over thousands of years.

Coastal Erosion. When waves hit the shoreline, the impact is sufficient to cause erosion of the coasts.

River Banks.

Erosion of wind:

Rock formation in various location sculpted by wind erosion.

Dunes, particularly in deserts, off of which sand is blown.

Various rock or sand structures created via wind blowing off rock and sand around them.

Erosion of animqls:

Animals can exert a very strong impact on erosion and sediment transport in the alpine. Although the alpine is recognized for its abundance of animals, animal-soil erosion interactions have been poorly studied. Animals exert a direct influence through their burrowing and digging for food and also indirectly by opening the ground to climatic and geomorphic influences, e.g. rain splash, needle ice, and wind erosion. It is this synergy that is important for alpine erosion. Because the alpine zone is subject to freezing, frost action, and snow melt, exposed sediments and/or the availability of drainage through burrows can have a marked effect on sediment transport and slopes. On the steeper, less stable alpine slopes, the effects of loading can cause failure that produces arcuate slip scars, the exposed faces of which can also be exploited by geomorphic processes.

Erosion of Humans:

Deforestation, which is logging or burning forests, is a way in which humans cause erosion. Removal of the vegetation covering the ground causes the soil, which is unprotected against wind and water, to erode. The loss of topsoil essentially destroys the ability for the land to regenerate.

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