Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue

Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue


Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) is known to be the most historic highway in the Philippines.


When we think about EDSA, we associate it with a historic event called People Power Revolution that restored democracy in our country in 1986. This highway is around Metro Manila, from Caloocan City (north) to Pasay City (south). It stretches for 23.8 kilometers.

This was constructed in 1939 under President Manuel L. Quezon and was called, “North and South Circumferential Road.” But it was changed to “Highway 54” by the Americans during World War II. And then in 1959, by virtue of Republic Act No. 2140, it was changed to “Epifanio de los Santos Avenue.”

However, along with the name EDSA, there were other considered names such as:

  • “Avenida 19 de Junio” – in honor of Rizal’s birthday
  • “President Ramon Magsaysay Avenue” – in honor of the beloved president who died in 1957
  • “Gen. Douglas MacArthur Highway” – in honor of the American officer who led US forces in liberating the Philippines from Japan

But who is Epifanio delos Santos?

Epifanio delos Santos or Don Panyong is a Filipino genius. He is known as scholar, translator and linguist, lawyer, historian, journalist, jurist, philosopher, bibliophile, biographer, philologist, painter, poet, musician, literary critic, politician, librarian, biographer, researcher, and philanthropist.

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