Directions: Identify Which Textual Aid Is Appropriate To Be…

Directions: Identify which textual aid is appropriate to be used in the following situations: a. concept map b. flow chart c. Venn diagram d. cause-and-effect diagram e. main idea and details chart f. timeline g. graphs What textual aid should you use when…?
11. You want to show the history and how events transpired in order
12. You want to differentiate noun and pronoun
13. You want to use visual representation of data for easier understanding
14. You want to share the procedure of a science experiment
15. You want to educate others of how climate change started and its dangers 16. You want to summarize an essay showing its topic and its parts
17. You are to report of the increasing population of the country and the corresponding decline its money’s value 18. You want to show the similarities and differences of life in the 20th and 21st century
19. You are assigned to discuss important events in history from the Spanish regime to the Japanese invasion 20. You want to make an infographics about Covid-19 and how it is transmitted​

Answer: 11. F

12. C

13. E

14. B

15. F

16. D

17. G

18. C

19. F

20. A


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