Direction: What Will Be Your Stand On The Following Opinions…

Direction: What will be your stand on the following opinions?
Write the letter of the BEST answer,
1. In my opinion, child abuse may affect children’s growth,
A. Agree, a child who is being abused may have lear of socializing, or sometimes they will be
rude to other children.
B. Disagree, all children have their way of coping with the abuse done to them,
c. Disagree, any form of abuse won’t have any effect on children
2. I believe that to avoid conflicts in the family consider the feelings and opinions of one another.
A. Disagree, we should express our opinion no matter what
B. Agree, we must be mindful of what we say towards our family members.
C. Agree, we should always just agree with what others say
3. I think every child should be taught how to think, not what to think.
A. Disagree, a child can’t think rightly on his/her own.
B. Disagree, a child should always follow the elderly.
C. Agree, elders should help a child develops his/her creativity and critical thinking.
4. In my opinion, telling the truth without consideration can burt siblings’ feelings,
A. I agree because we can still be honest without hurting the feelings of others.
B. I disagree because the truth should always prevail.
C. I disagree, we should always tell the truth even though it hurts,
5. I believe that a mother loves her child when she doesn’t ask him/her to do any household
A. I agree because a mother is always kind to her child.
B. I agree because every mother must consider if her child wants to do household chores or not.
C. I disagree, a mother who truly loves her child will teach him/her to do household chores for
him/her to be responsible and self-reliant.
6. I believe that family is the foundation of a child’s personality.
A. I agree, the behavior a child shows are the reflection of his/her family.
B. I disagree, the child’s behavior is based on his interactions outside the house.
C. I agree, voluntarily the child develops a different habit as he grows up.
7. In my opinion, parents should love and protect their child.
A. I disagree because some parents cannot do their responsibilities.
B. I agree because it is a parents’ responsibility to love and protect their child.
C. I agree because parents must put their children in a bad situation.​

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1. A.

2. B

3. C.

4. A.

5. C.

6. A.

7. B.


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