DIRECTION Choose The Letter Of The Best Answer Write Your Answer On The Space Provided 2….

DIRECTION Choose the letter of the best answer write your answer on the
space provided
2. What must be applied to push and pull an object?
b. Friction
c. Direction
2. A bal is laying on the floor. When will the ball move?
d. Force
a When a loud noise is made
b. When a force acts on it
c. It will never move
d. When friction acts on it
3 If you are to push a cart, a box and a bicycle to certain distance from the
starting line, which will require you to exert a greater force?
a Cart
c. bicycle
d. all of the above
The greater the mass of an object, the greater is the force needed to
an object
a. Move
b. Stop
d. push
5. A force is which one of these?
a. A push
c. a push or a pull
d. none of these
b. A pull
6. What kind of force do you use to turn on the television using a remote?
c pulling
a moving
d. resting
b. pushing
7. Suppose you push a door and your friend is on the other side pushing the door
How will you describe the force and the effect of your action to the door?
c. roli
a. The force is balanced and the door does not move.
b. The force is unbalanced and the door may break.
c. The door will push you both
d. The door will push your friend away from you.
8. A marble that is standing still will move when
a Bumped by another marble
b. There is a strong wind
c Touch by a person
d. A force is applied on the marble
9. What causes objects to move?
a Weight
c. magnets
b. Gravity
d. force
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  1. B.Friction
  2. B.when a force act on it
  3. D.all of the above
  4. D.push
  5. C.a push or a pull
  6. A.moving
  7. A.the force is balanced and the door does not move
  8. D.a force is applied on the marble
  9. D.force