ACTIVITY 2.1 Word Typesetting Find An Directions: Directions: Make An…

Word Typesetting Find an Directions:

Directions: Make an argumentative vtext/essay about the suspension of the Philippine elections for
Barangay officials this year. With considerations of the key Structural Elements and Language in
Argumentation. At least 3 paragraph.



-Relevance of the study=4


Applies the correct structure and language =4


please lang guys paki answer kasi ngayon na eh pass


The decision to suspend the elections for barangay officials this year in the Philippines has been met with mixed reactions from the public. While some see it as a necessary step to ensure the safety of the people in light of the ongoing pandemic, others believe that the suspension of elections is a violation of the people’s right to choose their leaders. In this essay, I will discuss why the suspension of barangay elections is an appropriate course of action.

To begin with, the suspension of the elections provides a safeguard to protect the health and safety of the populace. This is especially important given the current public health situation. With the proliferation of the virus, it is essential for the government to take measures that will reduce the risk of transmission. Holding an election during this pandemic will put a heavy strain on the country’s limited medical resources, as well as increase the risk of infection to both the candidates and the voters. Thus, it is only logical to suspend the elections to protect the people from the virus.

Moreover, the suspension of elections also allows the government to focus its resources on more pressing matters. With the pandemic raging on, the government must prioritize its efforts towards containing the virus and providing relief to those affected

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