1. His Tool Is Used To Hold The Pattern In Place A. Pin C. Scissors B. Seam Rippe…

1. his tool is used to hold the pattern in place
A. pin C. Scissors
b. seam ripper D. tracing wheel

2. It is used to cut pattern paper and fabrics.
a. dressmaker’s carbon C. tailor’s pen b. pattern paper
d. dressmaking scissor

3. It is used to transfer markings from the pattern paper to the fabric.
a. tailor’s chalk c. dressmaker’s carbon b. pin cushion d. meter stick

4. his is used to hold pattern paper and fabric in place.
a. needle c. thread b. shears d. paper weight

5. it is used to trace over pattern lines. a. tailor’s pen c. dressmaker’s carbon
b. tracing wheel d. L-square

6. What part of the pattern pieces do you need to cut first?
a. bigger part c. upper part b. smallest part d. lower part

7. What characteristic would you consider in cutting and transferring pattern markings to the cloth so that the finished garment will look peculiar
a. hard work c. consistency b. patience
d. accuracy

8. These tools make following markings easy.
a. Tailor’s pen and chalk b. tracing wheel and carbon c. tracing paper and tracing wheel d. L-square and tape measure

9. The statements listed are some of the important things to consider in cutting fabric, EXCEPT
a. Practice using the shears on a piece of cloth to have a smooth cutting line b. Draft along the pattern so that the other hand rests on the pattern c. Do not let the blades of the shears slant toward the table. d. Do not lift the fabric.​

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